Waters Church, Let's F - - - - fully GO!
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Waters Church, Let’s F – – – – fully GO!

It has been said, “When you know your WHY any WHAT is possible.”

The point is simple: You must first understand the reason and purpose behind your actions in order for your actions to succeed. Consider the athlete in professional sports. They work out endlessly and diet rigorously to achieve a trophy and worldly glory that will be written down in history. You could call their “WHY” personal glory and their “WHAT” private and repeated agony as they practice and discipline their bodies for historical recognition.

Waters Church answered the question of “why” many years ago. I was sitting in the cafe section in a local bookstore with a pastor friend from another country. During the conversation, it suddenly dawned on me why the church was here. It was a transition in my mind I will never forget. I suddenly realized that though the Church was FOR me it was not STOPPING with me. God has a vision for the world to hear about the finished work of His Son at the cross and empty grave. I was not just here to receive Christ through the Church, I was here to share Christ through the Church!

Matthew 24:14 (ESV) And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

I can honestly tell you that if I didn’t have that experience in that cafe that day I would probably be out of this job. A church focused only on those who are already there is boring, filled with useless conflict and serving no purpose to the global mission of Jesus. A Church with no heart to go beyond themselves with the Gospel has lost (or may have never known) the “WHY” of their existence.

It is for THIS reason (spreading the Gospel to the nations) that we are having our LEGACY offering this weekend (October 3/4). The WHY is clear, the nations MUST hear the Gospel. And while we have thriving churches in Norwood, North Attleboro and Woonsocket, RI there is so much more to do. The decline of Christian faith in this country compels us to plant more campuses where we ARE and where people are MOVING. The mountains of Guatemala and Peru call us to go where people have NEVER even heard of Jesus (I have literally been there and have literally seen this).

Good news, Church, we are ALREADY going and we are going to keep going further. Will you help us?

The LEGACY offering is not about raising money so that we can just have a better Church experience at our present locations. That would be a Christian mission that ends with us! No, it’s about those beyond us. It’s about leaving a Legacy of Gospel preaching beyond our borders. We are asking you to invest in the Gospel in Florida because people are moving there rapidly (over 900/day relocate to that state) and Fall River (one of America’s most post-Christian cities) as well as Guatemala and Peru to those yet unreached.

We must bring the Gospel ever farther into our world.

But did you know we already are?

What began six years ago with the implementation of online streaming at waterschurch.tv has grown into a thriving Waters Online campus with its own Campus Pastor and our weekly “You Matter to God” television broadcast which airs its 132nd episode this very weekend. Through this technology, we have reached EVERY state in the U.S. and are closing in on 70 countries across the world! This is so exciting!

On average we see over 17,000 people tune in for one of our weekend messages and since the beginning of this year, over 275,000 households have already heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. On top of that, visitors to our social media pages have logged 555,500 minutes of Bible content and have viewed our videos on our Waters Church and Deep End youtube channels 314,675 times! These numbers translate into a 20% increase in our television viewership, a 15% increase in our youtube reach, and a 38% increase in our Online campus—all to the glory of our LORD. Amen.

So this weekend is our chance to keep the momentum moving. I’m asking you to pray about a monetary amount that God would have to give to this mission. We are going to see so many lives changed as we continue to pass on the faith through the technology and the internet afforded to us.

I’m ready. I pray you are!

LET’S FAITHFULLY GO! (#LFG – Christian hashtag).

P.S. You don’t have to wait till Sunday to give: waterschurch.org/legacy

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