I grieve and weep over the senseless acts of murder committed last week in Newtown, CT.  For the next few days, weeks and months we are going to spend a good deal of time trying to figure out how to prevent such acts from ever happening again.  They are becoming all too commonplace.

What is going on?

Our culture is on a wrong course.  Its as simple as that.  I agree with our President, we need to change.  How we change is a matter of perspective.

I see a nation bending over backwards to make sure those with no faith aren’t offended by the vast majority of those with faith.  I’m not in favor of forcing religion on anyone, but the very mention of God has become such a dicey proposition in the public sphere we should be alarmed.

John Adams asserted many years ago: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Whether you like it or not, freedom – without self-control – is impossible our Country.  The human condition clearly reveals that we do not muster self-control in and of ourselves.  It must be taught us by principles beyond our own ideals.  By God.

This is why we should be concerned with the extreme marginalization of the Christian faith in culture.  Watch an episode of cartoon characters taking up sensitive issues about faith and Christ and note the disregard and dishonor the name and faith of Christ are given.  The next generation regards Christ as a punch-line more than anything else.

Our children watch programs that celebrate violence, play hours and hours of video games shooting digitized humans in mass number.  Add to that the violence against religious mantra in the public sphere and what are we left with?  A nation full of violence, divorced from human dignity and void of accountability to God.

Do we really think banning guns will stop people without conscience from getting and using them?  It seems to me that if a person is deranged enough to shoot a 6 year old multiple times, that same person is capable of breaking any such law imposed to try and stop them from obtaining the gun necessary to do it.

Our country needs to check itself.  We need to change.  But unless we seek God for the change necessary within our own hearts – we will forever be fighting a losing battle with the human condition.  Look at the numbers of these events.  They are not going down.

Pray.  Pray for this country.  Not just for comfort but for conviction.  Pray that we will revisit once again our desperate need of Divine Providence and protection.  And instead of running roughshod ahead in legislation that will not change a single person’s heart, let us seek the Lord while He may be found.  He may still indeed pardon us as a people and restore us to joy in His presence.

May God comfort the families, friends and neighbors.  May we change our ways and once again open our hearts to God and His Salvation.  May we preach Jesus Jesus Jesus…

Now, more than ever.