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Preorder your copy of the highly anticipated title Move!

set for release in March of 2021


Tim is the author of the new book, Move!, set for publication in March 2021.

You can’t stay where you are, so the question is, “do you know where you’re going?”

Depending on where your “here” is, that might be good news or bad news. Change can leave you breathless with anticipation or doubled over with dread, but refusing to move at all results in missing the growth, opportunities, and joy that God desires to give you. Are you ready to learn the mindsets and principles necessary to move forward proactively and positively?

In this practical, uplifting book, Pastor Tim draws on the lives of Joshua and Caleb, Israelite heroes of the Bible, to reveal how to:

  • Differentiate between your dreams and your opportunities
  • Stop settling for the “good life” and seek God’s presence and plan
  • Be a good news Christian in a bad news world
  • Allow God to work in you so you are prepared for what He desires to do with you
  • Live in the acceptance and approval that is yours in Christ

At the end of each chapter, application-focused questions and suggested action steps will guide you in personalizing the truths you’re learning.

Move! Is about entering into God’s promises for you and developing a “movement mindset”. Moving with God requires strength. It requires you to embrace obstacles, to be dissatisfied with the status quo, to be different from those around you, to be flexible in what God has for your life, to be encouraged that God is with you, and to be crazy as you live as one approved by God. We have a great God and can have a great future!

The best is yet to come.

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