Wednesday Nights at Waters have been spent digging into an unfamaliar book of the Bible. If you haven’t been to Wednesday Night Bible Study, you are really missing a great study on Amos. So far we’ve spent two weeks on the book and have flown through 2 WHOLE VERSES! Really – it has been awesome. The gems of God’s truth in this often neglected book have really spoken to us all.

In week one we looked at the man, Amos. The shepherd and farmer who God “takes and makes” to become a powerful prophet for his generation.

God takes and makes us. He calls us and creates us into what He dreams us to be.

I believe we all have a “Call” on our lives from God.

Amos didn’t come for a long line of religious professionals, he came from the sheepfold, he was a farmer (Amos 7:14). It must have been strange for many of his former associates to see him preach for the first time. But because he was CALLED by God, he was able to do it successfully.

We must be secure in our calling (2 Peter 1:10). When we are secure in it, we can face the attacks, setbacks, and rejections people may hand us as they did with Amos (Amos 7:12-13).

Secondly, we cannot make God’s calling about us! Amos was called to be a prophet – to speak to “God’s people” (Amos 7:15). God took him from overseeing his own sheep and made him prophet to God’s sheep.

You fit into the big plan of God in a small way. The Bible says your life is a mist (James 4:14). Stop thinking the world revolves around you. Ask God for what reason you are here in His plan (Colossians 1:16). Know it and live it.

Third, when God’s call is on your life and you know it – no one will be able to stop it. Amaziah, the influencial priest of Bethel, tried to silence Amos. He failed. God’s calling prevailed. Now 3000 years later, we’re reading Amos’ book, and Amaziah is a footnote in the story.

Fourth, God’s calling on your life is EMPOWERED and EQUIPPED by God. He doesn’t need ability, He only needs availability (Isaiah 6:8). If you know God’s calling and respond by faith, even if you don’t know the “HOW it will happen”, God is powerful enough to make it happen. I’m sure Amos thought God selected the wrong man. “Go ask a seer or priest to do this God, I’m just a farmer.” But God knew what He was doing. Just like He dose for you.

In the end, you are where you are by the divine hand and determination of God.
So its not a job you “have to go to.” Its a job you “have been sent to.”
Its not a family you are “stuck with”. Its a family you’ve been raised for. Its not a small town you’re living in, its a community you’ve been called to reach for Christ.

When you see your life like that, everything changes. You can get up in the morning, face your world with confidence KNOWING that God’s call is upon you.

You are made for this.

Just like Amos.

Hope to see you Wednesdays!