Speaking about Moses yesterday gave me an opportunity to talk about a stage in life many Christians refer to as the “Wilderness.”

Right in the middle of Moses’ prominence in Egypt and delivering the Hebrews from slavery were 40 years of wandering with borrowed sheep in the middle of nowhere.

I thought about how many of you may be right there. Wandering. Not where you dreamed to be and not where you were (which seems better than where you are right now). Welcome to the wilderness. I’ve been there. And I think it’s normal for all of us to have several “Mini-Wilderness” seasons of our lives.

But here’s the great news that you might not think is so great:
God is preparing you for what He’s got prepared for you.

    Some of you aren’t using gifts you’d like to see used.
    Some of you aren’t making the difference you’d like to make.
    Some of you are scared your best days are past you.
    Some of you fear you may have missed your opportunity.

I have one sentence for all of you . . . here it is . . . are you ready?

Hang on.

Wilderness transition rather unexpectedly into “Wild”ness and busyness.

When your deliverance season starts there will be times you will long for the “boredom” of the wilderness. Take it easy and rest in the wilderness. Be glad you have a season to soak in the Lord’s presence and learn how to navigate the desert with someone else’s sheep.

How many parents out there can agree that when you’re waking up at 4 am for the 3rd feeding of the night and your two year old likes to scream bloody murder in the middle of a nice restaurant, or your teenage son comes home with a three nose rings and a tattoo of his girlfriends name . . . singleness or the “newlywed” stage won’t seem as bad as you thought?

What I’m saying is – Don’t despise where you are right now. Learn, Listen, Live with the Lord in quietness. Soak it in – because it won’t last. Despising the present leads to regretting the past. Don’t do it.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (KJV)

There’s a reason for your season.

Because when you’re facing down your Pharaoh and the people you’re called to help are squawking over everything you “should” do for them – you might find yourself longing for a day in the sand.

I’m glad we have a Heavenly Father who knows how to lead us where we should go and grow us into what we should be in exactly the right time frame . . . anything less would be . . .

Someone else’s life.