Last night I added up all the attendees at the three life courses and our childrens and youth ministries. I have figured out we had about 150 adults and children at a midweek ministry at our church. And that on a school night!

Let me tell you why I loved last night:

    1. Several people were using their gifts. We had 3 ministry rooms for kids and youth and 3 classrooms for adults. We had a total of 12 teachers and workers leading those sessions.
    2. Several people were learning and growing. Teaching was happening at all the rooms in our building last night. Some were learning about how to do marriage God’s way. Others were learning about their style of personal evangelism. Youth were learning about roadblocks to faith. It’s awesome to SEE discipleship happening!
    3. Interaction was happening. This wasn’t just “listen to a lecture” – people were able to participate and ask questions. Which is the Jesus model of teaching. Notice how many times Jesus’ best truths came in response to a question.

Anyway. Wednesday night is ALIVE at Living Waters. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of our life courses – its not too late. Come out this week and start right in with any of the courses. Your kids and teens will get age appropriate ministry as well.

Hope to see you there!