I used to swim like a fish. I loved the water so much I looked like a walking raisin by the time I got out.

When I became older I just kinda stopped swimming altogether.  I went to college and maybe swam 3 times in four years. After that, marriage, the birth of two children, and responsibilities swallowed up time for something I grew up enjoying.  Plus, I didn’t see the need.

When my daughter turned two, guess what? It was time to jump in the pool intentionally once again. She needed to learn to handle the water. I have since taught both of my kids to swim and the experience has been enjoyable as I see them grow to love the water as much as I did.

The point? Their need for growth got me back in the pool. At some point every Christian needs to come to a decision, will I get back in the pool for the sake of others? It’s the heart of Christian ministry. You serve so others can swim.


Serving comes standard.

I remember 7 months ago when Paul (pictured right) got baptized. He was one of the 41 people who went through the waters that day. Look at him now – he’s back in the pool, this time, he was setting it up for the 9 baptisms we had on Sunday!

If you’re a long time Christ follower, you probably need to hear this more often: You have something to share.   You have something to give.  Life experience, giftings, time, energy, resources. Look around you, get back in the pool, serve someone else as they learn to swim.

This is the reason we ask people to Volunteer at Waters Church, and this is the reason we have small groups – two hands-on opportunities to help others learn to love the water like you do.

Get back in the pool, for someone’s sake.