Below is a clip I shared during this past weekend services shows the response of Oprah’s audience when they were surprised to learn they were at her last and greatest “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode. Everyone in the audience would get one of everything on her Christmas list.

When I watch this clip, I ask, “Why not worship God like this?”

Why is it okay in our culture to get excited about almost everything but the work of God? When someone shouts in church or cries tears of joy, or raises their hands in gratitude, why does that come across as odd to some people?

As I watch this clip, I am saddened at the heartfelt love these people had for “things” that will soon be in a garage sale or Good Will Bin when God gave us HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON and we scarcely show up for church on time.

Is the EVERLASTING LOVE OF GOD not worth getting excited about?

I hope it is for you.

By personal request, here’s the video with appropriate music: