Delicious Chicken or Hollywood and the Homosexuals.

Who’s side are you on?

Let me clarify my beliefs about being gay: I do not believe most gays choose to desire intimate same-sex relationships. Although one Hollywood actress is being ironically disparaged for saying so.  I do believe we are ALL predisposed with certain sinful tendencies.  I was born with them… and only a few people close to me know which ones they are so don’t ask.

That being said, in case you were wondering where our church must ALWAYS STAND on this issue: With the Bible.

Homosexual acts are sin forbidden in no less than 6 places in Scripture. The Bible condemns the act more than rape, incest or bestiality. Gays are welcome to attend our church just like every other sinner.  Christ died for gay and straight people.  But we cannot and will not ever affirm homosexual sin.

You’ve all heard the common arguments against standing with the Bible regading this issue: “You Christians ignore the laws you don’t like and focus on this one.”  “The Bible also says to stone a disobedient child, not get tattoos, have slaves… etc.” Such arguments are usually made by Cherry-Picking cynics who do not actually read the Bible, take a few words out of context, and shut their ears to any kind of explanation. Believe me, I’ve tried to reason with them.  They won’t have it.  “The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.”

Rather than argue, just stand with Jesus’ definition of marriage.  One that not only limits marriage from homosexuality, but also from divorce, remarriage and infidelity (Matthew 19:4-9).

I understand the gay movement’s “beef” (pun intended) with us.  We have a history of selectively living out the Bible.  But the problem with the homosexual issue is different.  No president has EVER campaigned on the right to divorce or steal.  No Restaurant has ever been boycotted because they support marital fidelity.  No church has split over a civil “right” to lie.

Yet that is what IS happening right now with homosexuality.  Heaven forbid you disagree with them!  Then YOU are a hater, an intolerant bigot, and a fundamentalist nutcase.  Case closed.

Scripture says: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

Half of our Country is doing that RIGHT NOW.  I fear eventually MOST of our Country will do so within the next decade.  We are not on the right track.

Think of it: Three government officials have proudly stated they are going to work to STOP a business from doing business in our Country because of the owner’s point of view. And they are doing this in the name of “tolerance” during a recession!  That shouldn’t just outrage Christians. It should raise the red flag for all Americans.  We are a nation founded on the idea that government can be completely wrong and when necessary, must be protested to protect human liberty.

If three government leaders are doing it today, how many of them will be doing that in 10-20 years?

So what do we Christians do?

First, we don’t give in and we don’t give up.  Our God is greater.  And we aren’t supposed to be liked so stop trying. People hated Jesus and He told us to expect the same (John 15:20). Learn to be okay with being called names and instead, go out of your way to bless them (Romans 12:14).

Then we will continue the same mission we’ve had for 2000 years: Loving God and loving people: Gay, straight, liars, divorced, conceited, bitter, jealous, gossips, and YOU.  At the same time we will never accept breaking God’s moral law is right because sin is NEVER good for you.  We will continue to call people to REPENT (even of the President approves of your particular sin ) and make Christ their Lord.

America may be on the wrong track, but Christ’s true Church never will be.

I’m going to Chic Fil A because I’m a Christian before I’m an American. And in this Country, you have every right to hate that about me.

Just don’t call me the intolerant party in that equation.