Cheryl and I are glad to be back with all of you …. We are refreshed and renewed.

Today we laid the gauntlet down and I hope you take it positively as I beleive this is our calling and purpose …. To be dynamically different as a church. We are adopting a new core value: “We want to the church for people who don’t go to church come to church.”

Again we are doing to commit to three areas of being different:
1. We are going to see people differently.
2 we are going to approach people differently.
3. We are going to treat people differently.

Our example today was the Good Samaritan. The model of a different kind of church goer.

We are so glad the 6 new partners who joined today have already signed up for the volunteer assimilation course.

If you’re not serving yet … I dare you to do the same.

It was awesome to see people come to Christ and awesome to see the cafe coming along … We’ll get there soon, trust us.

Be blessed and get ready for a whole new attitude at Living Waters.


Ps I realize the irony of this post being on facebook after today’s measage.