Disciple ShiftI am back from a great conference where 5300 church leaders were challenged more than ever to make disciples.

I think it’s funny how we need conferences to remind us of what Jesus already said, but this is the reality of the human condition.  And even as a Pastor, I’m no exception to needing a reminder of God’s heart.

The first thing we were challenged to do was write down how many people attend our church and what the average weekly income is.  It was called a “Church Scorecard”.  For those of you who may not know, those two numbers are the facts on which too many Pastors base their success and failure.  Immediately after writing down the numbers, we were told to tear it up. It was at this point I was glad Shane had done it for our church, not me!

Now, we are still going to be concerned with the numbers who show up and the numbers in our offerings.  I want us to reach people for Christ and I want us to be a giving church.  But we got the message… we can’t just be about those numbers.  Here’s another number that matters a whole lot:

# of people in our church making disciples.

What does that look like?  What does that mean?

I’m glad you asked.

We are going to challenge you to get in that number in our next series.  If you are in that number (such as a small group leader or member, ministry leader, or something similar), we are going to challenge you to be even more intentional in developing others in Christ.  You are called to make disciples, just like me.

There are untapped leaders, gifts and ministries sitting in our church every weekend.  And the goal of your life in Christ is not just to come and think our church is great.  It’s to do what someone did for you.  Invest your time, talent and treasure into bringing someone else closer to Christ.

What would it look like if everyone found their gift calling and ministry to lead others toward radical commitment to Jesus?

We’d change our community.

Let’s go.