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Will all the craziness wash out?

Did you see President Biden being directed by the Easter Bunny this past weekend? I’ll discuss Obama’s statements he made to Stephen Colbert about a third presidential term.

Why does Elon Musk’s fight for Twitter matter? Does the news media want to control what you think? I’ll talk about how they’ve doxxed the woman behind the highly effective Libs of TikTok whose twitter account was recently suspended for “a violation of Twitter rules”.

In more crazy news, women are getting other women pregnant in jail. And did you hear what’s been happening to transgender inmates once they are released?

Plus, worship on an airplane: should it happen? Is a public display of worship the best way to spread the good news? I’ll give you my pastoral reaction to the Christian guy singing on a plane.

Finally some good news. Did you hear? Thanks to Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s ruling, there are no more masks on planes!

Episode Segments:
Start [0.00]
▶ President Biden Easter bunny and Barack Obama third term? [3:40]
▶ Why does the Twitter fight with Elon Musk matter? [3:40]
▶ Woman gets pregnant in jail by another woman [15:20]
▶ Transgender prison inmates [16:17]
▶ Study: Transgender prison inmates change sex when released [22:40]
▶ Pastor reacts to “Public Displays of Worship” [28:50]
▶ Christian guy singing on a plane [29:15]
▶ Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle mask mandate ended on Airplanes? [38:36]
▶ Who is the woman behind Libs of TikTok [41:44]


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1 Thessalonians 4:11 (ESV) aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you

Matthew 7:6 (ESV) “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.


Recognize the Following: 

Why should we care about Twitter?
It’s the most streamlined platform for discourse.
‣It’s NOT going away.
‣It’s probably NOT getting replaced.
‣It NEEDS to exist.
‣A country is better off with MORE SPEECH not less.



News Links:

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  1. Staffer dressed as Easter Bunny stops Biden from answering reporter’s question https://nypost.com/2022/04/18/easter-bunny-stops-biden-from-answering-reporters-question/
  2. Barack Obama Explains To Stephen Colbert The Satisfaction Of Being President, What A Third Term Could Have Looked Like https://deadline.com/2020/11/barack-obama-stephen-colbert-president-third-term-1234635491/
  3. Twitter’s ‘Poison Pill’ Plan To Block Elon Musk From Buying The Company May Not Be Enough To Stop Him https://www.dailywire.com/news/twitters-poison-pill-plan-to-block-elon-musk-from-buying-the-company-may-not-be-enough-to-stop-him
  4. Elon Musk considering bringing in partners on Twitter bid, sources say https://nypost.com/2022/04/15/elon-musk-considers-bringing-in-partners-on-twitter-bid-sources/
  5. Jack Dorsey rips Twitter board over ‘dysfunction’ in Elon Musk battle https://nypost.com/2022/04/18/jack-dorsey-rips-twitter-board-over-dysfunction-in-elon-musk-battle/
  6. Elon Musk Says Twitter’s Board Owns Almost No Stock. How It Compares to Tesla anhttps://www.barrons.com/articles/how-twitter-board-stock-ownership-compares-musk-tesla-51650304124d Others.
  7. Two women at N.J. prison are pregnant after consensual sex between inmates, DOC says https://www.nj.com/news/2022/04/two-women-at-nj-prison-are-pregnant-after-consensual-sex-between-inmates-doc-says.html
  8. Transgender inmate who identifies as baby demands diapers, baby food, and handholding https://www.rebelnews.com/transgender_inmate_who_identifies_as_baby_demands_diapers_baby_food_and_handholding
  9. 200+ Male Inmates in CA Identifying as Female, Nonbinary Request Transfer to Prison Matching Their ‘Gender Identify’ https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2021/april/200-male-inmates-in-ca-identifying-as-female-nonbinary-request-transfer-to-prison-matching-their-gender-identify
  10. Anger as trans inmates revert to males when they leave Scottish prisons https://www.scottishdailyexpress.co.uk/news/scottish-news/anger-trans-inmates-revert-males-25840252
  11. Ilhan Omar Tweet: I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane. https://twitter.com/IlhanMN/status/1515528668227018752?s=20&t=Da_mU6UWaxeYVNHQaF9KRw
  12. Ilhan Omar mocked for voicing outrage over Easter worship on plane: ‘Why do you hate Christians?’ https://news.yahoo.com/ilhan-omar-mocked-voicing-outrage-043149849.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=ma
  13. Florida judge voids US mask mandate for planes, other travel https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/florida-judge-voids-us-mask-mandate-planes-travel-84150309
  14. Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine https://wapo.st/3uTWs82


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