S5•E05 | Politics and Religion make for a toxic mix, Fasting for Climate Change Legislation, and the truth about Karl Marx

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Fasting for climate change? Yes! It’s a thing. Politics and religion intersect in strange ways today. And, what will your teen learn from college or university? They will learn about all of the wonderful contributions of Karl Marx. I want to tell you all about before they come home and lecture YOU!

Which leads us to NY Gov. Kathy Hochul going to the Christian Cultural Center Church in Brooklyn this past weekend. She took to the pulpit to tell the congregation about the need for people to get vaccinated but when a politician asks you to “be their apostles”, something’s wrong.

There will never be a politician in our pulpit. We are not here to bring people to politicians, we are here to bring people to Jesus. It’s time to start calling out pastors who pander to “religious” people— the “king makers”.


Episode Segments:

  • Fasting for Climate Change Legislation [4:55]
  • The Truth About Karl Marx [14:25]


Recognize the Following:

  1. How do you get this kind of revolution in a society? (1)Dystopian Future, (2) Revisionist History
  2. The “Dystopian View” says the apocalypse is coming and if we don’t change, we are going to die.
  3. Revisionist History undoes the foundations and blames some religious structure for societies ills.


What it takes to create a revolution

  1. You have to paint a cataclysmic future for humanity.
  2. You have to reimagine history.
  3. You have to blame a specific group of people for all the problems of your nation.
  4. You have cherry-pick facts and generate outrage.
  5. You have to talk about impossible realities like “equity” and“economic justice”.
  6. You have to really do nothing… because that’s what the revolutionaries depend on.


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