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There are words being used in our culture to shut Christians down in the public sphere.

“Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.” ~ G. K. Chesterton

There’s always hate for the truthtellers.

What is Christian Nationalism and should a Christian be political?

Jesus said the Church should be salt but right now the Church is being trampled under people’s feet.


Start [0:00]
▶ Is Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni a Fascist or the Next Mussolini? [4:31]
▶ What does GK Chesterton’s quote Fires Will Be Kindled mean? [8:15]
▶ Pastor reacts to Stacey Abrams Fetal Heartbeat Manufactured Sound [17:38]
▶ How Word Shape Reality Change Society and Laws [21:49]
▶ What does it mean to endure to the end in the Bible? [24:19]
▶ Pastor explains what is Christian Nationalism [25:12]
▶ Can a Christian talk about politics? [37:30]
▶ Pastor explains is it ok for a Christian to be a Nationalist [39:03]
▶ What can a Christian do to help society [40:18]


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Scriptures Studied:

Matthew 10:22 (ESV)and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Matthew 5:13 (ESV) “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.


Points to note:

  • “If a Conservative Pro-Life Candidate quotes the Bible – HORRIBLE NO GOOD CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM…“If a Pro-Death-to-your-unborn child paid for by the taxpayers Liberal quotes the Bible – “YAY DEMOCRACY!”
  • The First Amendment DOES NOT MEAN Christians, shut up about politics and laws and what our culture considers descent and acceptable.
  • It’s not “Christian Nationalism” to fight for the right to life for the unborn, to believe marriage is a man and woman, to believe parents should have the final say over their children’s biological development instead of the state/health care industry.


Pastoral thought:

What do we do?
– We make our faith the TOP priority in our lives!
– We know our Bibles!
– We pray and fast for God to intervene.
– We work in and among them.
– We show up and we speak up!
– We run for school board, state/local office.
– We don’t let intimidation silence us! (There are others who need the courage to speak up!)


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Christians excoriated California Gov. Gavin Newsom for twisting the words of Jesus to promote abortion in multi-state billboards his campaign erected in seven “anti-freedom” states 

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You don’t have to abandon your faith or beliefs to agree that the government should not be making personal decisions for women 

Constitution of the United States First Amendment 


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