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Are we in a Wag the Dog moment? Times are changing in the USA.

America the beautiful is about to become America the Banana Republic.
Former President Trump is about to be indicted by a Manhattan District Attorney while felons walk the streets.

But if our leaders politicize the justice system against their opponents, you don’t have a democracy, you have a totalitarian regime.

“The man who broke the bank of England”, George Soros. Who is he and how has he used his billions to influence America and the world?

Inclusivity is a lie.
Non-binary Bisons are in the news.

And, Reverend Calvin Robinson shocks the Church of England with a homosexual marriage speech.

Think none of this affects you? IT DOES. I’ll show you the proof.



This channel is dedicated to helping Christians remember they AREN’T FREAKING CRAZY!



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Start [0:00]
▶ Is Christianity the only way to get people saved? [1:00]
▶ Sidney Holmes forgives after being wrongly convicted and sentenced to 400 years in prison [1:34]
▶ What are Trump’s Grand Jury charges? [2:56]
▶ Who is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg? [4:14]
▶ If we stop being tough on crime will crime subside? [7:12]
▶ What does the Bible say about civil authorities? [8:55]
▶ NY bodega employee prosecuted for defending himself against convicted criminal [10:04]
▶ How did Alvin Bragg get elected to the Manhattan DA position? [10:40]
▶ What is the Color of Change PAC [11:30]
▶ Who is George Soros? [12:30]
▶ George Soros admits to helping confiscate Jewish goods during Nazi occupation [13:00]
▶ How did George Soros use Black Wednesday to get rich? [13:55]
▶ How has George Soros used his money to influence America? [15:27]
▶ What is the relationship between George Soros and the World Economic Forum? [16:35]
▶ The death of NY Detective Jason Rivera [17:40]
▶ Are we in a Wag the Dog moment? [20:00]
▶ How much money did the Biden family receive from Hunter Biden associates [21:00]
▶ Are preferred GOP candidates being propped up by the DNC for the 2024 election cycle? [23:40]
▶ What are Christians commanded to do for their leaders? [27:20]
▶ Are we distracted from our country’s national security? [28:30]
▶ How will Trump’s indictment arrest affect you? [29:10]
▶ Student scholarship applications now require sexual identity? [31:00]
▶ Inclusivity is a lie: the thought police are coming for Christians? [32:00]
▶ Do you have the right to pray silently? [32:30]
▶ Female Vermont Christian Highschool basketball team banned for refusing to play against trans males? [35:00]
▶ Pastor Aaron Edwards sacked for tweeting homosexuality is invading the Church? [36:48]
▶ Pastor praises LGBT heroes who speak out about trans movement [37:50]
▶ What do parents need to know about Ridley Jones non-binary bison cartoon? [41:50]
▶ Rachel Levin glad he had children before transitioning? [45:00]
▶ Reverend Calvin Robinson shocks Church of England with homosexual marriage speech? [45:45]
▶ Is God’s love conditional? [52:00]
▶ Are Christians naturally counter-cultural? [54:00]
▶ Pastor recommends the movie True Spirit Jessica Watson [57:55]



Points to Note:


How does this affect me?

  • This has NEVER happened in American history.
  • It will change everything.
  • If our leaders politicize justice against their opponents, you do not have a democracy. You have a banana republic. 

The “INCLUSIVITY” Club: Exclusively inclusive to everyone who shares their views exclusively. 


Pastoral Thoughts:

  • Inclusivity is a lie.
  • Lawlessness is abounding in our culture.
  • “If the world is against the truth, then I am against the world.”― Athanasius of Alexandria


Questions to Consider:

  1. What news story have you tested against Scripture this week?
  2. Do you think we are in a Wag the Dog moment?
  3. Are certain political candidates being propped up for nefarious reasons?
  4. How do you think we are being distracted from more important matters of our Country’s national security?
  5. How will you get involved in standing up for our children against the lies of culture?
  6. Are you regularly practicing prayer and fasting and asking the Lord to pour out His Spirit one more time?



👏👏👏 Pastor Tim Recommends 🔥🔥🔥

Movie True Spirit: The story of Australian teenager, Jessica Watson, the youngest person ever to sail solo, non-stop around the world  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2353868/



⬇️⬇️⬇️   NEWS LINKS ⬇️⬇️⬇️  

‘I Can’t Have Hate’: Exonerated Man Serving Shocking 400-Year Sentence Delivers Stunning Message About Anger, Hate Right After Release 

Trump grand jury live updates: Expected indictment in porn star payoff is ‘revenge’ Haley says 

D.A. saw case against Trump as potentially “charge ready” years ago 

Alvin Bragg Policy & Procedure Memorandum 

REVEALED: Woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has downgraded over HALF of felony cases to misdemeanors as criminals are free to roam streets of the Big Apple 

Knife-wielding suspect has felony charge reduced under Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s policies 

Soros Captures Another District Attorney’s Office with Manhattan Win 

Color of Change 

Propaganda Avalanche: Soros Spreads $131M to Influence Global Media 

Justice for Sale How George Soros put radical prosecutors in power

George Soros spent $40M getting lefty district attorneys, officials elected all over the country 

George Soros World Economic Forum

WATCH: Standing Ovation as Widow of Slain NYPD Officer Calls Out Soros-aligned DA Alvin Bragg in Tearful Eulogy 

Biden family received more than $1M from Hunter associate after 2017 China wire: House Oversight 

Sexual Identity Scholarship Application

Isabel Vaughan Arrested for Praying Silently

British pro-life advocate again arrested for ‘thoughtcrime’ of silent prayer near abortion clinic 

School that refused to play team with trans player is barred from tournaments 

Christian lecturer sacked over ‘homosexuality is invading the church’ tweet 

Gays Against Groomers

Netflix Cancels Kids Show Featuring Non-Binary Bison Who Uses They/Them Pronouns 

Rachel Levine: I’m Glad I Had Kids Before I Transitioned 

Rev. Calvin Robinson | Christianity SHOULD NOT allow gay marriage Oxford Union 





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