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Do we blame women for being raped?
Do we blame wives for being abused?
Then why is the entire news media so obsessed with covering for Gaza Palestinians during the present crisis in Israel?

I guess, after the Gazan people voted for, elected, and continued to support the terrorist regime Hamas, victim blaming is OK!

… so long as that victim is a Jew 🇮🇱

Who is Who in this war?

There are lots of facts and information coming your way and I’m here to sort out the fog of war that our media elites keep creating.

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Start [0:00]
▶ What the news media won’t tell you about Israel, Palestinians, and Gaza? [1:45]
▶ Who are the Gaza Palestinian Hamas media sympathizers? [1:55]
▶ What were the reactions of the news media to the Mia Schem hostage video? [3:50]
▶ Who is Palestine and the Gaza inhabitants? [6:00]
▶ How does Hamas use water pipes to make rockets? [13:16]
▶ How are Hamas Palestinians training children to hate Jews in Gaza? [15:00]
▶ What did God say about endemic evil in the Bible? [17:00]
▶ Why are the Palestinians not leaving the Gaza strip? [17:42]
▶ Is Hamas terrorism a reaction to Israel’s colonialism? [19:00]
▶ What is the link between the Pro-Palestinian movement and BLM? [21:27]
▶ Are the Pro-Palestinian protestors at the White House the same as January 6th protestors? [23:42]
▶ Who are the real colonizers? [24:05]
▶ How are pro-Israel supporters protesting? [25:24]
▶ Why isn’t Egypt allowing Palestinian refugees to cross the border? [25:55]
▶ Why isn’t Jordan allowing Palestinian refugees to cross the border? [28:14]
▶ What country wants to take in Palestinian Gaza refugees? [29:37]
▶ Who is the leading state sponsor of terrorism? [33:09]
▶ Does religion fuel violence? [35:00]
▶ How is the pro-choice movement related to Hamas in Gaza? [38:52]
▶ Is multiculturalism possible? [40:36]
▶ Pastor surveys pro-Palestinian college protestors [40:50]
▶ Pastor discusses the Israel Palestinian balance of power [45:25]
▶ How can our universities and college students support Hamas? [47:50]
▶ Former Muslim now Christian Pastor reveals truth about Islam [49:39]
▶ Former Hezbollah Fighter reveals encounter with Jesus [1:08:03]
▶ How many Americans want to read the Bible more? [1:14:50]

👍 👍 👍 Pastor Recommends 👏 👏 👏
• 🇮🇱 🇵🇸 What Christians Should Know about the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. https://youtube.com/live/djdlSRzp84g
• RE Howard Zinn: The truth about Balenciaga and what every parent needs to know, The World cup cancels the woke mobhttps://youtube.com/live/_2Tz3vLZJt8


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