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Genocide. Is it ever good? According to our American University presidents, it “depends on the context”.

Are Ivy League Colleges endorsing antisemitism? They know how to discipline students for certain offensive words about trans pronouns, they just don’t want to punish antisemitic hate speech and bullying.

How did American Universities get here? First, there’s a systematic rot in our institutions of higher learning. Second, there’s a leadership problem.

Maybe they should get back to training children’s minds!

What do draft dodging, female leadership, and pro-Hamas protests have in common? On this episode, we’ll dig into how our institutions of higher education have become so liberal, even the professors are afraid.



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Start [0:00]
▶ Are Ivy League Colleges endorsing Anti-Semitism? [2:58]
▶ Pastor reacts to the backlash against College Presidents testifying before Congress and Stefanik? [5:06]
▶ Should calling for genocide against Jews be considered hate speech or bullying? [5:36]
▶ Will Harvard President Claudine Gay step down? [8:16]
▶ How has Harvard disciplined students in the past for hate speech? [10:36]
▶ How does Harvard define hate speech and abuse? [11:56]
▶ Have colleges and universities revoked admissions to students who have used hate speech? [13:13]
▶ Yale has removed Israel’s name from couscous recipe menu [15:00]
▶ Pastor reacts to Dr Phil on College and University Presidents testimony on antisemitism [17:20]
▶ What happened to Hugo Chavez when he cursed Israel? [23:15]
▶ What happened to the Turkish PM when he threatened Israel with the “Wrath of Allah” today? [23:37]
▶ What is the problem with women in leadership? [26:10]
▶ What does God say in the Bible about women in leadership? [27:00]
▶ Why have Universities experienced a liberal political shift? [27:55]
▶ Pastor reveals what happens when Christians send their children to far left and Ivy League Universities [29:55]
▶ Pastor reveals how higher education now has a Hamas problem [31:50]
▶ How did men going to college to avoid the draft of the Vietnam War affect today’s colleges? [32:27]
▶ How did American Universities become liberal antisemitic schools? [34:50]
▶ What happens when men dodge the draft and don’t fight for their Country? [36:00]
▶ How do Liberal men create weak cultures? [36:30]
▶ College teacher says I’m a liberal professor and my liberal students terrify me [38:05]
▶ Catholic colleges are now admitting men who identify as women? [41:00]
▶ Seattle student failed quiz for saying men can’t get pregnant? [42:00]
▶ Pastor reacts to female Pastor preaching Jesus was patriarchal and xenophobic and how a woman pulled a fast one Jesus? [42:55]
▶ Pastor reacts to Hillsong Buddhist Christmas show [50:15]
▶ Pastor reacts to Rob Reiner’s ‘God and Country’ movie on Christianity and nationalism [52:21]
▶ Louden County dad John Tigges vindicated after being arrested for testifying before school board about males in girls’ bathrooms? [56:00]
▶ ‘Jesus and John Wayne’ Author Announces She Is LGBTQ Affirming [55:50]
▶ Pastor reveals what is Christian Nationalism? [57:00]
▶ Are women less valuable than men in the Bible? [57:14]



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Pro Palestine Colleges? Follow the Money 




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The world is watching – fire these hateful presidents NOW: Congresswoman ELISE STEFANIK shamed three top college bosses in the infamous Jewish genocide row… Here she writes for DailyMail.com to make her unswerving demand 

Penn’s Leadership Resigns Amid Controversies Over Antisemitism 

Harvard faculty rallies to the aid of university president criticized for remarks on antisemitism

Harvard Alumni Association ‘unanimously and unequivocally’ supports Claudine Gay

Embattled Harvard President Claudine Gay Now Under Fire For Alleged Plagiarism 

Harvard president accused of plagiarism amid anti-Semitism row 

Kyle Kashuv Twitter Feed with attached documents and comments

Harvard Tells Students: ‘Using Wrong Pronouns’ Constitutes ‘Abuse’

Colleges are revoking admissions offers due to hate speech

SCOOP: This week @Yale changed the name of a popular food item in their dining halls which has been on the menu for years. It’s called “Israeli Couscous Salad” and they removed the word “Israeli.” Why would they do that? 

To fight antisemitism on campuses, we must restrict speech 

Turkish MP threatens violence against Israel saying the Jewish state will suffer the ‘Wrath of Allah.’ Moments later he has a heart attack and collapses

The Hyperpoliticization of Higher Ed Trends in Faculty Political Ideology, 1969–Present

The American Economic Review, Vol. 91, No. 2, Papers and Proceedings of the Hundred Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association. (May, 2001), pp. 97-102.


I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

All-Women’s Catholic College to Admit Men Who Identify as Women

Rantz: Seattle student failed quiz for saying men can’t get pregnant 

Woke Pastrix Says Jesus Was ‘Xenophobic,’ ‘Hurting,’ and ‘Not His Best Self’ When He Called Woman at the Well ‘Dog’

Hillsong Church Does Satanic Buddhist Dance During Christmas Service

Rob Reiner Documentary on Christian Nationalism Features Interviews With Prominent Evangelicals

Christian Nationalism is not only a danger to our Country, it’s a danger to Christianity itself. Our film will be coming to theaters In February. Watch the trailer here. 

Loudoun County Dad Arrested For ‘Trespassing’ At Local Public School Board Meeting Found Not Guilty

‘Jesus and John Wayne’ Author Announces She Is LGBTQ Affirming + Why This Makes Us the Rolex of Discernment Blogs 



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