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2024 is already entertaining us in ways we don’t expect. 💯💯

President Biden lost the US Secretary of Defense for 4 days, he doesn’t seem to care about our national borders, and abortion activists are targeting peaceful Pregnancy Resource Centers in Massachusetts.

Is it a harbinger of things to come?

Well, a Country that teaches kids to hate their country, wide-open borders, and lawless policies cannot last. Parents they’re coming for your children. We’ll give you the facts.

Plus, we’ll reveal the most IRONIC STATEMENT OF 2023. You won’t believe it– but when you see it, you’ll need to share it!

We’re here to talk about the news from a Christian point of view, so let’s do it!



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Start [0:00]
▶ Did Biden lose the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin? [1:25]
▶ Why has Donald Trump been removed from the election ballots? [4:05]
▶ Has Claudine Gay been fired from Harvard? [8:00]
▶ What class is so popular at Harvard that they need more teachers? [10:27]
▶ How much federal taxpayer dollars to Ivy League Colleges receive? [11:00]
▶ Did Massachusetts legislator Tania Fernandes Anderson refuse to take the oath of office? [12:35]
▶ What is happening at the border? [15:42]
▶ What did Joe Biden say about open borders in 2008? [18:00]
▶ Will the West survive without Christianity? [20:40]
▶ 50 year old male professor showers with teen girl swimmers? [24:20]
▶ What is Right to Life Sunday? [25:50]
▶ Are pregnancy resource centers bad? [26:56]
▶ What is the leading cause of death in the world? [27:40]
▶ Are abortion clinics safe? [28:39]
▶ Why is the Massachusetts Department of Public Health warning pregnancy resource centers? [29:45]
▶ What is the Reproductive Resource Unit in Massachusetts? [31:19]
▶ Pastor Tim interviews Myrna Maloney Flynn President Massachusetts Citizens for Life about the state’s intimidation of pregnancy resource centers? [33:04]
▶ What is the purpose of The Church? [43:00]
▶ What did Mother Teresa say about abortion? [45:00]
▶ Revealed the link between abortion and violence in the US? [50:10]
▶ Watch: Pastor reveals the most ironic comment of 2023 [51:00]
▶ How is Palestine embracing the LGBTQ community? [53:42]
▶ What parents need to know about the dangerous content on the YouTube kids channel? [55:00]
▶ How did the audience react to Jim Gaffigan on the Golden Globes? [58:15]


⬇️⬇️⬇️  News Links ⬇️⬇️⬇️  

Senior Biden leaders and Pentagon officials unaware for days that defense secretary was hospitalized 

All the states trying to kick Trump off the Ballot and where cases stand 

Republicans pull trigger on Plan to Remove Joe Biden from Ballots

Harvard’s Claudine Gay set to keep her nearly $900k annual salary despite resigning as university president 

More Teaching Assistants Needed for Taylor Swift Course at Harvard 

Government Gives Billions in Grants Each Year to Ivy League Universities

Boston City Councilor appears to not say the oath of office, is reportedly asked to do it again 

Boston Democrat City Councilor disrespects America, REFUSES to raise hand and recite oath of office 

US released more than 2.3 million migrants at border since 2021, data show 

Factsheet: Final FY23 numbers show worst year at America’s borders—ever 

Biden Administration is asking Mexico to help curb the huge flow of migrants into US as Biden runs out of options to fix a problem that is hurting his polling

Biden Administration Day One Immigration Actions 

Biden on Border enforcement in 2008 

Elon Musk agrees Western civilization “absolutely screwed” without Christianity 

Trump is Connecting with a Different Type of Evangelical Voter 

Male Professor, 50, Again Allowed to Compete, Shower, with Teen Girl Swimmers 

Abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2023 

Half of abortion facilities in Pennsylvania failed a health inspection in 2023 

DPH warns anti-abortion centers, medical professionals against deceptive practices 

What to know about the AG’s new reproductive justice unit 

Mother Teresa on CSpan2 National Prayer Breakfast on Abortion 

Blessed Mother Teresa on Abortion 

YouTube Kids Queer Kid Stuff podcast reads children books on abortion 

Jim Gaffigan just called out pedos in Hollywood at the #GoldenGlobes 



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