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Join me as we uncover the alarming state of America where our sovereignty is slipping away, our future leaders potentially chosen by imported illegals, and our children targeted by an ideological revolution that threatens to sterilize their future. In this eye-opening episode, we’ll also explore the surprising influence of Taylor Swift amidst this chaos. It’s 2024, and Satan seems to be unwrapping all his Christmas gifts early. Let’s come together and take a stand against this tide of darkness. Join me in the fight to reclaim our nation’s values and safeguard our future.

We’ll uncover:

✅ The alarming truth behind the US government’s agenda targeting our children
✅ The heartbreaking reality of our children being stolen away by an ideological revolution
✅ Shocking incidents like Michael Cassidy’s hate crime charge for destroying a Baphomet statue
✅ The disturbing revelation of the number of public schools that hide children’s gender from parents
✅ The sinister plan of federal Globalists aiming to dissolve America’s sovereignty through open borders
✅ Insights into the Senate’s Illegal Immigration Bill and its implications on voting rights
✅ Who is really benefiting from the money in the Senate Immigration Bill
✅ How our laws are disregarded by the influx of illegal migrants
✅ Startling statistics on the rise of queer identities among Gen Z
✅ A deep dive into the hidden agenda behind Taylor Swift’s influence on our youth
✅ Plus, Pastor’s review of the movie “The War on Children”


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Start [0:00]
▶ The US government is coming for our children [1:20]
▶ Pastor provides proof that Satan is ruling this world [2:02]
▶ Michael Cassidy Charged with Hate Crime For Destroying Baphomet Statue [2:58]
▶ The federal Globalists want to destroy America with open boarders [6:23]
▶ Senate Illegal Immigration Bill to give voting rights to illegal migrants explained [7:04]
▶ Pastor explains the Great Replacement Theory [10:00]
▶ House Speaker Mike Johnson on Senate Illegal Immigration Bill to give right to vote in local and state elections proof [12:02]
▶ Where does money in the US Senate Illegal Immigration go? [15:30]
▶ Does illegal immigration respect our laws? [17:30]
▶ How have they stolen our children? [19:18]
▶ A quarter of Gen Z claim to be queer [19:30]
▶ Elizabeth 1 may have been non-binary? [19:56]
▶ Pastor proves 2011 Reddit post on “what will happen if gay marriage is legalized?” [20:28]
▶ What do school bulletin boards look like today? [22:45]
▶ How many children are seeking gender transition care? [23:11]
▶ Which states have the most gender confused kids? [23:23]
▶ Pastor reveals how many gender affirming surgeries on minors in the US [23:35]
▶ US teachers, schools, and state agencies are removing children from non-affirming parents [24:00]
▶ Family flees US as teacher hides 10-year-old daughter’s gender transition? [24:26]
▶ 6,000 US public schools hide children’s gender from parents [29:26]
▶ How are schools transgender policies eroding parents’ rights? [30:35]
▶ Illinois school encouraged transgenderism of autistic child behind parents back [32:36]
▶ Non-affirming Christian parents ask Supreme Court to intervein after CPS removes child from home [33:51]
▶ Parents Sue Michigan School District for Transitioning Their Child without Consent [35:10]
▶ ‘Gender ideology has torn our family apart’: Non-affirming Montana family loses custody of 14-year-old daughter [35:42]
▶ ‘My daughter was murdered by a gender ideology’ [37:04]
▶ Pastor reacts to movie “The War on Children” [37:50]
▶ Pastor reacts to video testimonies of men who regret transgender surgery [41:07]
▶ Daughter rebukes conservative Christian parents for teaching her faith before school board [45:00]
▶ What parents need to know about the dangerous influence of Taylor Swift on children [49:00]
▶ Pastor reveals hidden messaging of Taylor Swift song “Calm Down” [52:02]
▶ Communists, LGBTQ Activists Target Christian Coffee Shop [54:28]


👍 👍 👍 Pastor Recommends 👏 👏 👏
The movie “The War on Children” 


Jeremiah 13:16 (ESV) Give glory to the LORD your God before he brings darkness, before your feet stumble on the twilight mountains, and while you look for light he turns it into gloom and makes it deep darkness.


Questions to Consider:

  1. How can we, as Christians, actively engage in advocating for the protection of families and children in today’s society, particularly in light of the influence of secular ideologies promoted within the education system and the purposeful erosion of parental rights? 

  2. Considering the pervasive influence of popular culture, including music artists like Taylor Swift, on our children’s worldview, how can we as parents equip ourselves to discern and counteract potentially harmful messages that contradict Biblical teachings? What strategies can we implement within our families to promote discernment and guide our children towards a Christ-centered understanding of culture and entertainment?

  3. As Christians, how can we effectively navigate increasing Christian persecution such as the targeting of Christian businesses and the promotion of LGBTQ agendas, while remaining faithful to our beliefs and convictions?


⬇️⬇️⬇️  News Links ⬇️⬇️⬇️  

  1. Michael Cassidy Charged With Hate Crime For Destroying Baphomet Statue at Iowa Capitol

  2. Key highlights of the Senate’s proposed border deal package

  3. Speaker Mike Jonson

  4. US Senate unveils $118 billion bill on border security, aid for Ukraine, Israel

  5. US Senate border security bill: What you need to know

  6. Illegal immigrant child rapist, prostitute arrested in Lynn

  7. A Quarter Of Gen Z Now Say They’re Queer, According New Poll

  8. Elizabeth I may have been non-binary, claims Shakespeare’s Globe

  9. Putting numbers on the rise in children seeking gender care

  10. National Estimates of Gender-Affirming Surgery in the US

  11. Family flees US after teacher spurs, hides 10-year-old daughter’s gender ‘transition’

  12. Nearly 6,000 US public schools hide child’s gender status from parents

  13. How Schools’ Transgender Policies Are Eroding Parents’ Rights

  14. Illinois School Encouraged Transgenderism Behind Parents’ Backs

  15. Christian parents ask Supreme Court to intervene after CPS removes child from home

  16. ‘Gender ideology has torn our family apart’: Montana family who lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter after refusing to let her transition to a boy reveals their torment

  17. ‘My daughter was murdered by a gender ideology’: LA mom slams CPS after it took away her daughter and let her transition into a man – before she killed herself three years later aged just 19

  18. Student slams her conservative Christian parents at board meeting

  19. Communists, LGBTQ Activists Target Christian Coffee Shop: ‘It’s … Spiritual Warfare’



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