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Dive into the depths of truth with us in this episode of The Deep End! We’re shining a spotlight on a pressing issue: antisemitism on college campuses. Join the conversation as we uncover the alarming realities faced by Jewish 🇮🇱 students in institutions of higher learning.

From Ivy League schools to university campuses across the nation, antisemitic sentiments are on the rise. We’ll discuss the disturbing trends, including incidents of discrimination, harassment, and even violence targeting Jewish students, professors, and congregants leaving synagogues.

🔍 Discover how Taylor Swift’s music is shaping the worldview of our youth and learn why it’s crucial for parents to be aware. Plus, gain exclusive insights from a January 6th insider interview with Kash Kelly, shedding light on recent events that have rocked the nation. 🇺🇸

Join us as we navigate through the complexities of today’s world, offering insights from a Christian perspective. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with important issues and gain valuable understanding.

Let’s stand together against antisemitism and all forms of hate. Join us on The Deep End, where truth prevails and lives are transformed.


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– ▶ Introduction: Taylor Swift’s New Album & Hot Christian Topics [0:00]
– ▶ Impact on Parents: Taylor Swift’s Influence on Children [2:08]
– ▶ Revealed: The Dangers of “The Tortured Poets Department” [3:35]
– ▶ Subverting Minds: The Enemy’s Use of Lyrics about Christ and parents [4:15]
– ▶ Deification of Love: Exploring “Guilty as Sin” [4:54]
– ▶ Parental Challenges: Addressing “But Daddy I Love Him” [5:57]
– ▶ Unveiled: Taylor Swift’s Connection to Pro-Palestine Protests [8:10]
– ▶ Embracing Influence: Taylor Swift in University Courses [9:30]
– ▶ Impact of Romantic Love on Individuals [14:16]
– ▶ Confronting Antisemitism: Elite Universities’ Response [18:32]
– ▶ Historical Context: how Nazis prevented Jewish students from entering schools [19:22]
– ▶ Ensuring Safety: A Rabbi’s Warning to Jewish Students [20:24]
– ▶ Understanding Hate: The History of Antisemitism [21:15]
– ▶ Exposed how dangerous are college campuses for Jewish students [22:05]
– ▶ Pro-Hamas Protests: Examining Video Evidence [25:33]
– ▶ Academic Freedom: The Ban of a Jewish College Professor [26:55]
– ▶ Anti-Israel Sentiment at MIT [28:32]
– ▶ Corporate Activism: Pro-Palestine protest by Google employees [29:16]
– ▶ Student Activism: Should college students protest? [30:10]
– ▶ Unveiled: Coordination of Pro-Palestinian Protests Against Jews on College Campuses [30:30]
– ▶ Biden’s Initiative: International Day Against Islamophobia [31:42]
– ▶ Surveillance Footage: London cop threatens to arrest man for looking Jewish on the street [32:08]
– ▶ Martyrdom Chants: Islamic Protestors’ Disturbing Message [34:45]
– ▶ Historical Insight: The Spread of Islam in Cities [35:36]
– ▶ Envisioning a free Palestine: What would a free Palestine look like [36:11]
– ▶ Human Rights Concerns: Child Brides in Afghanistan [38:58]
– ▶ Addressing Terrorism: UAE’s Warning Political Correctness leads to more terrorism [40:15]
– ▶ Religious Discourse: Islamic Cleric in UK preaches on multiculturalism and diversity [41:55]
– ▶ Revealed: Abuse in Islamic Homeschooling [43:00]
– ▶ What would you do if someone kidnapped your family [44:27]
– ▶ Exclusive Interview: Kash Kelly Shares his January 6th Experience, prison, and faith transformation [48:27]




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Season 7, The Deep End
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