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Welcome to The Deep End on Tim Hatch Live! In this thought-provoking episode, we dive into a critical question: “Does Hollywood hate Christianity, or are we just overly sensitive to their portrayal of many Christians in media?” We bring you new evidence that suggests it might not just be over-sensitivity on our part. Join us for an eye-opening conversation with a 25+ year Hollywood alumnus who has been there, done that, and has the receipts to prove it.

You don’t want to miss what this Hollywood Producer who worked on Terminator II, the Abyss, iRobot, Spiderman, and more has to reveal! 💥

Plus, we have inspiring news from Harrison Bucker, who boldly stands up to his critics and teaches us how to defend our faith with grace and strength.

Don’t Miss:
• Insightful discussion on Hollywood’s portrayal of Christians.
• Exclusive interview with a Hollywood insider.
• Latest news on Harrison Bucker’s stand for faith.

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🎬 Episode Timeline:
[0:00] Start – Kick off the episode with us!
[0:17] Welcome to the Deep End – Dive into the discussion with your hosts.
[2:00] Hollywood’s Christian Portrayal – How are Christians depicted in Hollywood films?
[3:18] Are Christians Too Sensitive? – Examining the sensitivity of Christians to media portrayals.
[4:00] Rainn Wilson Calls Out Bias – “The Office” star Rainn Wilson addresses anti-Christian bias.
[5:40] Cannes Film Festival Controversy – Messiel Tavares banned from showing Jesus dress at Cannes.
[7:25] Cannes Best Actress Award – Controversy as a trans man wins Best Actress at Cannes.
[9:48] Anti-Conservative Bias in Hollywood – Is Hollywood biased against conservatives?
[11:46] Disney Exec’s Agenda – Disney executive actively pushes for more gay content.
[13:40] Jurassic World Cartoon Controversy – What parents need to know about the added lesbian character love story.
[17:28] Richard Dreyfuss Cancelled – Actor Richard Dreyfuss faces backlash over trans children remarks at Cabot Theater.
[22:46] Hollywood Insider Interview – Exclusive interview with Jeff Varga, a 25+ year Hollywood veteran who was “blacklisted” for his conservative Christian beliefs.
[31:15] Friends of Abe Exposed – Unveiling politically conservative members of Hollywood.
[34:00] Satanic Influence in Hollywood – Exploring claims of satanic influence in the film industry.
[37:35] Conservative Christians in Hollywood – Are conservative Christians limited in Hollywood?
[49:14] Advice for Christians who want to work in Hollywood.
[56:46] Trans Violence in Boston – Reporting on trans violence in a Boston movie theater.
[59:50] Police Investigation in St. Pete – Major investigation for driver who left tire marks on Progressive Pride Street Mural.
[1:01:54] Missionary Tragedy in Haiti – Young Oklahoma Christian missionary couple murdered by Haitian gangs.
[1:02:36] Saving the World as Christians – What can Christians do to make a difference?
[1:03:27] Embracing Persecution – Why being hated can be a good thing.
[1:06:03] Butker Responds to Critics – Harrison Butker’s powerful response to his critics.
[1:08:00] What is the fruit of the Spirit: biblical gentleness?


👍 👍 👍 Pastor Recommends 👏 👏 👏
Find out more about guest Jeff Varga at Jeff Varga at https://www.youtube.com/@unblindingfaith


Scriptures Studied:

1 John 3:13 (ESV) Do not be surprised, brothers, that the world hates you.

Matthew 10:22 (ESV) and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Romans 12:14 (ESV) Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.



⬇️⬇️⬇️ News ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Rainn Wilson Calls Out ‘Anti-Christian Bias’ in ‘The Last of Us’

Cannes Film Festival: Actress fights to show Jesus crown of thorns dress; man wins best actress award

Famed ‘Bond’ villain Robert Davi says ‘closeted conservatives’ in Hollywood are scared to speak out

Disney Executive Producer Admits to ‘Gay Agenda,’ ‘Adding Queerness’ Wherever She Could

Disney Producer Adds as Much Queer into Children’s Programming as Possible

Oh look, Netflix snuck a lesbian kissing scene into a kids’ show about dinosaurs

Richard Dreyfuss Sparks Outrage, Massachusetts Theater Apologizes For His ‘Offensive and Distressing’ Remarks at ‘Jaws’ Screening

‘Offensive’: Beverly theater apologizes to patrons for remarks by ‘Jaws’ actor Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss – End of Q&A Cabot Theater Beverly Mass

Massachusetts AMC stabbing suspect was “laughing the whole time” during unprovoked attack, victims’ mother says

Community responds after couple with Oklahoma-based missionary group are killed

Manhunt! Another Donut Driver Harms Pride Mural

Kansas City Chiefs kicker defends controversial commencement speech

‘The Butchers And Liars Were Murderously Wrong’: New Study Finds 12-Fold Higher Suicide Risk For People Who Had Gender Surgery



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