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Welcome to another episode of The Deep End on Tim Hatch Live! In this engaging and thought-provoking episode, we’re diving into some hot topics that Christians need to be aware of in today’s crazy world.

– 📺 How screen time can hurt you: An Amazon tribe learns the hard way about the dangers of toxic Western culture.
– 🌈 Pride Month is in full swing but faces opposition from Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups. Hear about my surprising moment of agreement with a drag queen!
– 🏛️ Trump conviction news: What’s happening with the trial in a district dominated by his opposition?
– 🇺🇸 Biden enforces the border—finally! What does this mean for America?
– 🌟 The significance of D-Day on its 80th anniversary and lessons of courage and freedom from WWII.


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Join us as we explore these stories and more on episode 27 of season 7 of The Deep End. Tune in to stay informed and empowered in your Christian living by hitting the like button and subscribing to channel so you’ll never miss an update. This content is for educational purposes, and I encourage you to take it as such.

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Let’s stay bold and courageous in our faith!

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Transcript Summary:

– Discussion on the dangers of screen time and Western culture’s impact on an Amazon tribe.
– Pride Month controversies, including opposition from Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups.
– Trump’s ongoing legal battles and the political implications.
– Biden’s unexpected enforcement of border policies.
– Reflections on D-Day and its lessons for today’s Christians.



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Season 7, The Deep End
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