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Welcome to The Deep End with Tim Hatch, your go-to Christian podcast for living boldly and courageously in a secular world. In today’s episode, we’re diving into the latest news and hot topics affecting Christians today.

📌 Episode Highlights:
– 🇺🇸 Sacred Symbols: You can tell a lot about a country by what you are allowed to desecrate. So, what flag is sacred in America? Join us as we explore this provocative question.
– 🏛️ Protests at the White House: Pro-Hamas protesters are gathering, and it’s starting to look a lot like 2020. What does this mean for Christians in America?
– 🏀 Caitlin Clark’s Impact: Is Caitlin Clark shaking up the WNBA? And is it due to Christophobia? Let’s dive into the details.
– 📖 Carl Lentz Update: More on Carl Lentz, the former and fallen pastor of Hillsong New York, and the lessons we can learn from his story.
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Join us as we ask critical questions and discuss the pressing issues of our time. Which flag is sacred in America? We’ll delve into why the American flag isn’t, but there is one that stands out. Let’s dive deep into the news and uncover the truths that matter.

📺 Watch the full episode for a detailed discussion on:
– 🚨 Hate laws and criminal charges related to desecration
– 📊 Recent surveys on American views of various flags
– 🌈 Cultural elites and secular progressive leaders’ stance on the pride flag
– 🏆 The impact of Caitlin Clark in the WNBA
– 📜 Carl Lentz’s journey and more

Don’t miss this engaging and thought-provoking episode of The Deep End with Tim Hatch. Tune in now!

🎬 Episode Timeline:
[0:00] Start
[0:14] Introduction – Welcome to The Deep End, your source for bold Christian perspectives on current events.
[1:48] Hate Laws Update – What new hate laws have been passed in the U.S.?
[2:00] Sacred Objects in America – What is the most sacred object in the United States?
[2:40] Flag Study – How do Americans view different flags?
[3:30] Cultural Shifts – What is now the worst thing you can do in the United States?
[5:45] Scooter Incident – Three kids charged for riding scooters across a Pride street mural.
[7:45] Washington’s Redefined Hate Laws – Changes in hate laws for Pride in Washington state.
[8:40] Costly Crosswalk – Midtown Pride rainbow crosswalk installation costs $196,000 in taxpayer funds.
[10:10] Lime’s No-Go Zone – Lime enacts NO GO ZONE around a Pride crosswalk.
[11:30] Flag Controversy – Wethersfield, CT, refuses to fly The Thin Blue Line Police Flag for a slain police state trooper, instead fly the Pride Flag at half-staff.
[12:37] Thin Blue Line Flag History – What is the real history of The Thin Blue Line Flag?
[16:21] Pro-Palestine Protests – Pro-Palestine protesters surround the White House, hold a bloody Biden head, and deface historic monuments.
[18:07] Pride Flag Protections – What can you do to the Pride Flag?
[18:46] Assault Incident – National Park Officer assaulted by Pro-Palestine protesters for protecting a historic monument.
[19:37] Supreme Court Ruling – The Supreme Court’s ruling on U.S. flag burning.
[21:10] Child Marriage in Islam – Child marriage is fine in Islam, even if it kills the child.
[22:20] 24 Hour Fitness Memo – Exposed: 24 Hour Fitness LGBT memo.
[25:33] Caitlin Clark’s Challenges – Revealed: Why is Caitlin Clark under attack?
[30:58] Christophobia Defined – What is Christophobia?
[33:23] Caitlin Clark’s Reaction – Watch Caitlin Clark’s reaction to being bypassed by the Olympic Team.
[35:46] Christian Humility – Why Christians need to learn to be noble and meek.
[37:02] Celtics Coach’s Response – Celtics Coach Mazzula responds to a race bait question.
[41:20] Carl Lentz Update – Pastor discusses Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz’s trauma excuse for sexual infidelity.



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