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Welcome back to Tim Hatch Live! 🎉 In this episode of The Deep End podcast, we dive into the latest news and controversies from a Christian perspective. This week, we tackle:

🔴 Elder Abuse in Politics: Why the current state of the White House might be an exception to the rule that elder abuse is wrong.

🎙️ Presidential Debate Fallout: The president’s debate performance and the shifting support among his base.

❌ Republicans’ Stance on Pro-Life Advocacy: The surprising omission in their first official policy platform since 2016.

🌈 Progressive Policies in Massachusetts: A look at the consequences of progressive leftism taking over the state.

⚠️ Pastoral Collapse: Examining the troubling trend of well-known church leaders falling from grace.

📺 Health Myths in TV Dramas: What popular TV shows are getting wrong about cancer causes.

📚 Plus, exciting news! My book “Ending Emptiness” is now available in paperback. Order your copy at http://endingemptiness.com

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🎬 Episode Timeline:

[0:00] Start
[0:02] Welcome to The Deep End 🎉
[1:37] Do We Need a President? 🤔
[2:40] Who is God’s Choice for President of the US in 2024? 🇺🇸
[4:07] Political Bias in the Media Exposed 📰
[9:34] Ezekiel Emanuel on Biden
[10:22] Have Parkinson’s Disease Specialists Visited the White House? 🏛️
[11:00] Why is Whoopi Goldberg Supporting Biden?
[11:38] Why is Bill Maher Supporting Biden?
[11:59] Where Do Democratic Candidates Go When Polling is Down? 📉
[12:10] President Biden Given Offering Money from Pastor at Black Church to Tithe? ⛪
[15:07] What is the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans at Church?
[15:29] Who Should Christians Vote for in the Presidential Election of 2024? 🗳️
[16:19] Trump Pushes a Softened GOP Stance on Abortion
[23:28] Is Abortion in the Bible? 📖
[25:33] Can Christians Support Abortion?
[26:12] Massachusetts Spends $1 Million in Taxpayer Money to Attack Pregnancy Resource Centers 💸
[27:50] What Do Pregnancy Resource Centers Do?
[29:38] Massachusetts Governor Nominates Lover for Judiciary Position 🏛️
[29:46] What are the Massachusetts Billboards and Ads Against Pregnancy Resource Centers?
[32:34] Massachusetts Allows Moms to Sell Their Unborn Children to the Highest Bidders 😱
[34:00] Will Your Vote Matter in the Presidential 2024 Election? 🗳️
[34:10] Can Illegals Vote in the Presidential Election?
[34:44] What is the SAVE Act?
[34:57] Why is the Biden Administration Against the SAVE Act and Voter ID or Proof of Citizenship to Vote?
[35:26] Wisconsin Reinstates Absentee Ballot Drop Off Boxes 📮
[36:37] Alabama Secretary of State Blows the Whistle on Non-Citizens Voting? 🚨
[37:30] Cornell Law School: An Alien Cannot Be Charged for Illegally Voting if They Reasonably Believed They Were a Citizen?
[39:54] Is Requiring Voter ID Racist?
[40:09] The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations Exposed 💡
[43:18] What do Christians need to remember about Government and Politics?
[45:06] Huge wins in the Name of Jesus

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Season 7, The Deep End
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