It’s almost been a year without Facebook.  “Facebook Me” is dead and I can honestly say I DO NOT MISS HIM at all.  Cheryl and I have no desire to resurrect our Facebook selves.

Now I realize the irony that there is a link to post this to Facebook.  I also realize that “Blog Me” and “Twitter Me” is telling you about the death of “Facebook Me.”  Let me attempt to explain my hypocrisy…

This post is not meant to discourage you from using Facebook.  Facebook is a great tool with many wonderful benefits.  500 million people use it to connect, network and communicate. Facebook is great in many ways.

For Cheryl and I, not having Facebook is a personal conviction.  It just works.  Honestly, our lives are better without Facebook Tim and Facebook Cheryl.

The main reason I had to kill Facebook Me was simple: Facebook Me was consumed with what people thought, commented or “liked” about me.  I was hipper, funner, more humorous, and more successful than I really am.

Second, Facebook Me was consumed with “Facebook You.”  I spent a good amount of time searching for what Facebook Others were up to.  It took time away from my wife, my kids, and my work.

For those reasons Cheryl and I decided to take out our gun and kill Facebook Us.

I think Facebook for me can become like the flowing robes the Pharisees wore in Jesus’ day.  The outside appearance that hides the inside you from those you long to impress.  In reality, it was false advertising.  I’m a sinner.  I’m saved by the GRACE of a Loving God.  I still struggle with sin and temptation every day.  I have a long way to go – seriously, a LONG way.  But because of Jesus I’m a Child of God.  And I’m okay with being just that.  Well, at least I’m learning to be okay with that.  And not having “Facebook Me” around really helps.