I’m a very reasonable guy when it comes to politics. At least I think I am. I do watch just as much CNN as Fox News. I really get tired of both sides of the arguments. But this week’s actions by the White House are not for political opinion in my estimation. For the first time that I can remember, a President requested the free speech of a PRIVATE university to be silenced.

Not only were they asked, but they acquiesced to the desires of the Administration by covering the NAME of JESUS from a very well known pediment in the hall where the President was to speak on the economy.

Whether President Obama wants to endorse religion or not is a matter that I believe is up to him. But a private institution has essentially agreed to deny the very foundations of itself for the sake of political correctness. I call that a wake up call for the church.

I really do not mind that the administration made such a request of Georgetown. They can ask whatever they want of the citizens of our country. I am concerned about the actions of Georgetown University. Maybe they have forgotten what has made America great for 230+ years. The right of “we the people” to tell our government “THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!” when it comes to our religious freedom.

In this instance, a religiously grounded institution gave prominence to the government of man over their own submission to God.

Now concerning the church at large. Does this not beg the question, how many other Christians are doing the same? How many cover their faith for the sake of being politically correct in their own corners of society? Who among us may be submitting our convictions to the lordship of cultural acceptance?

Jesus calls us out! He calls us to never deny His name. He said many would despise us for the mere fact that we refuse to deny HIM! In fact He told us that if we deny Him on Earth, He will deny us before His Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:32-33).

May we never forget who bled for us, who hung on a cross for us, who gave it all for us 2000 years ago. May we never get to a place where we think more of the opinions of man than the favor of God. May Christians learn from this bad example of cowering faith that we may take up the mantle of Christ and HIS WONDERFUL NAME with more passion than ever!

As for me and My House, we WILL serve the Lord.