Help us have an awesome EASTER weekend! Waters will be expecting many people new and old to our Easter services. Please consider doing all of the following things that make you uncomfortable for the sake of those who need Christ.

1. Park in the farthest spot you can. Leave good parking for the first timer. If you are a worker or worship team member, please use the parking spots in the front of the building.

2. Sit close to the front and close to each other. Please move to the furthest spot available in the auditorium. And get close the the person next to you.

3. INVITE! Just do it! Someone might one day look back on your simple invitation as the catalyst to their personal life change.

4. Saturday Night or First Service are GREAT! We expect second service to be jammed. Please consider attending Saturday night or first service Sunday. This will help even out the numbers all weekend long.

Thank you for helping, I look forward to resurrection weekend with you all.

Be Blessed
Pastor Tim