Thanks Pastor Tim for letting me take a stab at this blogging thing, this is something that I have always wanted to do.
One thing I am pretty excited about the choices we have made for deacons at waters church recently. We have put a incredible 16 member team together. These people are giving it there all to our church now so we thought we would make it official You ask what is a deacon is and what do they do……

In the original language, the word, Deacon, means “Servant.” The title itself, is as descriptive as any job description could be. In the Bible, words have meanings and the word “deacon” means servant.

Here is how the word has been defined in its various forms:

  • “Diakoneo, the origin of this word is those that are used mainly for personal help to others.”
  • “Diakonia is found 34 times in the NT. It means service at the table in Lk. 10:40; Acts 6:1, etc.”
  • “Diakanos is found 29 times in the NT. Its primary meaning is one who serves at tab

Deacon duties usually include collecting, counting tithes and offerings, ushering and generally anything else that needs tending to.

We will be introducing them to you at a up coming service so you will know who they are.

Looking forward to it.
Shane Parsons,
Director of Operations
Waters Church