I found an interesting insight from Philip Yancey’s book on Prayer:

“Be still and know that I am God”: the Latin imperative for “be still” is vacate. As Simon Tugwell explains, ‘God invites us to take a holiday [vacation], to stop being God for a while and let Him be God.'”… Later Yancey writes, “To let God be God, of course, means climbing down from my own executive chair of control. I must uncreate the world I have so carefully fashioned to further my ends and advance my cause.”


What a profound statement on prayer. We are very good at bullet listing our needs, wants and desires to God. Sometimes prayer amounts to silly attempts to get God on our agenda and in line with our will.

The danger is found in actually believing God is there to do what we want. In doing so, God becomes the created one to serve our less than perfect highly individualistic plans. Inevitably, discouragement will set in because no matter what we THINK about God, He is GOD, and in charge, and in control. We are His creation, not the other way around.

So be still. Vacate the throne of your universe. Take an extended holiday. Sit quietly before Him and ask Him what He wants to do with you. Jesus taught us to pray “Your kingdom come, your will be done.”

Let go of the wheel, rest in the knowledge that His glory will be accomplished through your life as it is right now.

And you didn’t even have to do anything.