Many Christians forget the most powerful thing they can share is their testimony. Unlike Evolution, abortion, and gay marriage, no one can argue with your testimony. And even better, few can explain it. Your testimony is a gift from God. Much like Jonah had a story the Ninevites could relate to as they worshipped a “Fish god” you have a story someone can relate to. You only need to share it.

How? Here are some quick tips for sharing your testimony:

1. Where were you?
Before Christ what was your life life emotionally, physically, spiritually? Here’s where you have the opportunity to connect with someone going through the same thing or similar experiences. Don’t need too many details, just the facts.

2. What happened?
How did Christ come into your life? Share the details. I have found most people’s testimonies have some supernatural coordination component here. Like a guy I met at the gym about 6 weeks ago – he was told by someone the night before, “I’m praying that God speaks to you tomorrow.” Wouldn’t you know, he and I met the next day by the coordination of the Holy Spirit. He hasn’t missed church since. And he’s since brought about 20 people through the doors of Waters Church in six weeks – many of whom have come to Christ!

3. Where are you now?
Have you ever watched that show on VH1 “Where are they now?” The stories of childhood celebrity turned into a life of drugs, drama, and damaged goods are enough to make me sick. But in Christ the ‘Where are you now’ is reversed! Your testimony should emphasize this part. How you were a ___________ and now you are ____________. Again, no one can argue with it, and no one can explain it. Give plenty of details here, and give all the glory to God!

Don’t be afraid to share your testimony! It’s God’s gift to you.

SIDE NOTE: I am among the group of people who has what some may call a “boring” testimony. There were no drugs or alcohol, no fast times, no Vegas, no 2-time divorce story. For that reason, I have often devalued my testimony. But I realized that it’s still an awesome testimony. By GOD’S GRACE I was sparred a ton of pain those things in life can bring. It’s not because of me. IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF ME. Jesus spared me, and I thank Him for it. Praise be to God!

Jesus said in Matthew 5:15 people do not light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Shine your light – strategically, energetically, enthusiastically so that as many people possible can hear what God has done in you!