It’s Giving Tuesday

Did you know there’s something better than getting? Jesus said, “to give is better than to receive” and His message has been passed down for generations. Sometimes people say that phrase without realizing it came from God’s own gift to us – His Son, Jesus.

So far this month, you went out and got a hold of some Black Friday deals. Perhaps you shopped small on Saturday. I know you went to church on Sunday (wink). Then of course, your inbox was loaded with Cyber Monday specials. But here’s my admonition to you. You can have all that and still miss the reason for the season. This season in our calendar year exists because God gave YOU His only Son.

Today is a nationwide movement called Giving Tuesday. On the heels of perhaps our most consumeristic weekend comes a call to give back. And you can be a part of it with Waters Church. Did you know that Waters Church relies solely on YOUR giving to do what it does? There is no denominational support, no national headquarters, no giant coffers in some far off city where our kind of church is centrally located. Our Church does what it does every week by FAITH that God will move in the hearts of people just like you to tithe and serve for the sake of people far from God. We do what we do because Christ, God’s gift, has radically touched the hearts of so many people. Words would fail me to express just how incredible is the impact of Waters’ people in this area.

Now, God never saves anyone without a purpose. But that purpose is only truly experienced when we let God’s gifts flow through us. When we stop being a reservoir for His goodness and become a river for His grace.

For the next few weeks, you are going to be advertised-up and commercialized-out like crazy. Do not go through this season with the sole intention to make sure you get everyone what they want. Say “Time Out” to the crazy holiday time of year and GIVE BACK.

Waters makes it easy for you to give. You can text to give at: 508-809-4384. You can logon to give at: You can also give in the buckets or at the giving Kiosks at the Weekend experiences. We want you to know that when you give, it absolutely 100% funds the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make inroads into our community and change people’s lives one person at a time.

Currently we are raising funds to add more parking for our new location. We are only 3 months in and already have ZERO spaces for all the people God is bringing. Here’s your chance to get someone what they truly need – a seat to hear the incredible story of Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection for THEM!

Also, Waters Church is a GIVING Church. Ten percent of whatever comes in goes out to fund things like Manna Missions in India, Media Ministry in Spain, the Providence Rescue Mission and others. We give as a church because we truly believe we can never out give God.

See you this weekend!