It’s Good to Argue with God Every Now and Then

moses-imagePerhaps the most famous argument between God and a man is found in Exodus 3. Moses and the burning bush has been replayed several times in sermons and movies. It recounts this dramatic and kind of humorous give and take between Creator God and forgotten fugitive.

You know the text, God says “Go tell Pharaoh let my people go.” Moses says “Me?”, “How can I?”, “What if they don’t listen?”, “Who are you?”, “I can’t speak good.” This somewhat hilarious back and forth between the Almighty and Moses is intentionally recorded for our benefit.

Here’s what we learn.

God is okay with our questions. As Moses asks the questions, he gets to know more of God, His power, and His character. Read it for yourself. Every time Moses doubts and fears and turns them into questions TOWARD God, God reveals more of Who He Is to this struggling wanderer.

We aren’t supposed to lose faith in our questions. We’re supposed to deepen in our faith.

Perhaps you’ve got doubts. Is God there? Does God care? We all have these questions from time to time. The real issue is, where are you taking them? Are you taking them to Him? Are you exploring His Word and seeing what He has to say about Himself?

Did you know that Waters Church North Attleboro has created a class specifically for the Questioners among us? It’s called Starting Point. And you can find out more here.

God has no problem with questions. He wants the opportunity to answer. Will you listen? Will you quiet yourself before Him and search out the deep things He has to say?

If Moses had never asked self-doubting, difficult questions, he never would have grown to be the mighty man of God we remember today.

Argue with God every now and then.
You may like what you hear and what you become.