Thsi past Friday Cheryl and I and some church folk went to see our favorite comedian – Brian Regan. I assure you he will make you laugh your socks off! (Can that really happen?) Anyway . . . one of his bits was about playing chess. How he didn’t understand that a players move wasn’t complete until his/her finger was lifted off the chess piece. So you could examine the move for as long as you want with your finger still attached to the piece – it wasn’t a final move.

Then he compared it to life – putting a finger on his head he proceeded to act out a bank robbery and then decided against it, then lifted off his finger – trust me when i tell you it was much funnier than I am explaining.

But I thought about this concept in the realm of following Christ. When we stay in contact with the Finger (Grace) of God – our wrong moves don’t have to be fatal or final! What a message to hear.

Maybe you are struggling with a bad move on your “chess board” called life. You wish you could take it back . . . here’s the key – stop moving the pieces yourself. Let the finger of God lead and direct you everyday. Stay in contact with His Word and His Church. If a bad move comes along – receive His Grace to change direction through repentance.

That’s what Justification is. Living “just as if i’d” never sinned.

Let God Keep His Finger On You.

Let God keep his finger on you – and you’re game will end in victory.