This Sunday’s Weather forecast looks all clear for our Sunday Services.

Of course – last week’s forecast did as well!

But I’m guessing that for the first time in three weeks we will gather together at our regular time and I for one am anxious to do so. The truth is Cheryl and I miss you. We love to come and see you each week. I heartily agree with God when He declared, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

To that end – we have heard of great reports from the “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign. Someone emailed the church to say thank you just this week. If you have need of more cards – we have about 900 left! Yes, only 900! That means already 4100 cards have gone out to be used for God’s glory.

Join me in prayer for those who receive them. That it will cause them to remember God DOES love them, DOES care about them, and there are STILL people in the world who believe it to be true.

See you Sunday,
Mr. Snow, you are not welcome here!
(ps – if your last name is Snow – I’m talking about the white stuff from the sky.)