I was sick of the yellow and black design of the blog so here we go with something new . . . do you like it? Change is good. Change is good.

Also, I’ve added Cheryl’s Blog to my blogroll list down below. Check it out for all the funny stuff that happens with the kids . . . some of which will become sermon illustration material to be sure.

Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving – may the tryptophan keep you relaxed as you mellow out in front of some Turkey Day football.

Things I’m thankful for:
1. God, Salvation, Jesus, The Holy Spirit – as usual.
2. Cheryl, the kids, and a roof over my head.
3. Extended family and friends.
4. This incredible church – you folks and those who are still to come.
5. The leaders with us, Elders, Deacons, Ministry Heads & Staff.
6. The Coffee Cafe – always a pick me up before and after services!
7. Zoo York – you know I had to mention it.

Take time to give thanks – it really brightens your day . . .