By coming to the blog you have a first look at a new series we’ll be starting in August.

How many of us hate some aspect of our bodies? A problem area of some kind? One part we want to wish away or whip into shape? America seems to have an image obsession. We want to “Look Good Naked” and get an “Extreme Makeover” as well as feel like we are the “Next Top Model.”

From Magazine racks at the grocery store to television ads to the signs outside your local fitness center – we are into our bodies.

For all the time, energy, money, and work we put into our muscle tone, physique, and skin complexion – the Bible tells us that these parts of the body aren’t the issue. They don’t really get us in trouble. What does get us in trouble is not our thighs – but our tongues. Not our sinews – but our stomachs. Not our abs – but rather our eyes. The Bible says these are the problem areas.

Body By JesusWell – good news. “Body By Jesus” is our Next Series and we are going to delve into the Word of God for insight into controlling, trimming down, and getting a hold on the “Biblical” problem areas of our bodies.

Looking forward to it!