A new study reveals Jesus was right about something we find the most difficult to do.

Praying for your enemies calms anger and creates better behavior in the midst of hostility from those who provoke and insult us. So says new research from Ohio State University.

The research shows that regardless of your religious affiliation or practice, the prayer works.

So every faith is the same right?

Wrong. Jesus INVENTED the idea of praying for your enemies. It was unheard of in the ancient world. Jesus gave this command during a time in human history renowned for caustic animosity for virtually everyone unlike those in your select group.

What a powerful reminder as we enter into a Summer of Electoral politics intent on making the guy you shouldn’t vote for the absolute worst human being that ever was born. I know in my history, I have gotten caught up in political wars and ideological superiority struggles. But the one I call LORD and SAVIOR forgave those who nailed him to the cross and loves those who fiercely disagree with me.

Who do you need to pray for right now?

Why pray for them?

Because you just can’t truly live well while hating someone else.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?”
Making friends might be a stretch at this point but prayer is a start. And its benefits are available to you right now….

…in Jesus’ Name.