Rolling in the Deep

The Deep End Podcast / Youtube channel is up and running and I’m very excited about its future. For those of you who may not know, the Deep End is now in its second year and going strong. We have also made some adjustments so that the Deep End appeals to those beyond our church.

I like to think of the Deep End as a platform for Christians from anywhere to hear Biblical discussions about relevant issues of the day. Today we discussed issues of the Benefits of Monogamy as well as a brief discussion concerning a hot-topic vote in Massachusetts this November. Issues like these are not something we would usually address in depth on the Weekend and this particular platform provides more space to do that.

I would encourage you to watch this week’s episode and LIKE the Deep End Facebook page. Also, if you haven’t already, click on the notifications bell on our Youtube page so that you can always hear about when we are live.

Finally, I have a favor to ask. I want to talk to the issues that matter to you. Sometimes I know them, sometimes I’m just not aware. Your input matters greatly to me and I want to hear about the topics or news items you may wrestle with as a Christian. It can be complicated but I know there’s an answer for faithful Christian living in every situation. That being said, consider sending us your ideas! You can do this anonymously by text to: (508) 316-9333.  You can also simply post your thoughts in the comments on this blog. Either way, your input is greatly appreciated and will be useful for our future.

Stay tuned for more content and a deeper (pun intended) Deep End experience. Our faith matters in everyday life and I want to help you live it.