Should I force my kids to go to church?

In a word, “yes.”

That’s what I said this past Sunday during the message. The reason being that how you treat church attendance in your home is teaching them to do the same when they get older. Plus, if you give them the option when it comes to church, most times they’d stay home.

The funny part of it is . . . we don’t do that with anything else. We don’t give them the option to eat, to sleep, or to go get an education. So why should we do that with church?

Now, it occurred to me, some of you have no support from your spouse in this arena. In fact, you may even face verbal resistance to such an idea. To those of you in that situation all I can say is keep coming yourself, express your feelings to your mate, and do your best to bring your children. But please don’t feel defeated if you cannot get them here when you are in an unsupportive environment.

To those of you who are single and/or without children. Set the standard now – whoever you marry better LOVE coming to church before you start dating them. You do yourself and your future kids a world of good by making that decision today. Live by your convictions, not by what is convenient.

Anyway, I hope Sunday’s message challenged you up to step up your walk with Christ and your love for His Church. Make those Spiritual and Life-giving deposits – the dividends are greater than you can possibly imagine.

“As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord.”