I got a lot of feedback on the Connor Chocolate Milk tale from Sunday’s message . . . and you know what? His selfish bone striked again.

Whilst sitting in the coffee cafe after second service, Connor was handily enjoying a chocolate brownie. A few people and I were sitting around as Alivia asked Connor for a small bite of his brownie. You can guess his response:

“No,” said Connor.
“Come on” said Alivia, “Just one bite.”
“No, it’s mine!” replied Connor.

I kid you not – the whole scene was an exact replica of what transpired in my car a few days ago with the McDonald’s chocolate milk. What is it about the human condition that tries so desperately to hold on to what we hold in our hands?

Well – just another reminder that what we have really is on loan from God. May we manage well, refuse to be stingy toward God – and leave a legacy of generosity.