Another Presidential Inauguration, another mention of God at a government event, another ridiculous challenge by an Athiest with too much time on his hands. Michael Newdow needs a life, a hobby, or a heart (I’m in favor of all three).

Michael Newdow has once again raised his angry head at the mention of God for the oath of office President Elect Obama will take. Obama has already firmly decided to mention God in the Oath as I understand from this article:

Obama wants to invoke God during inauguration oath

I couldn’t help laughing out loud this morning though at the quote from Newdow himself on the matter. He said, “If he chooses to ask for God’s help, I’m not going to challenge him . . . I think it’s unwise.” Doesn’t it just sound funny?

So let’s get this whole thing in perspective. A great “recession”, two intense wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, jobless claims the highest since WWII, and a housing market bust – and THIS is the battle that some people want to be waged? Wouldn’t we rather fight for more of God’s help in times like these instead of less?

I’m thankful for Obama’s decision to keep God in the Oath – my prayer is that he would also keep Christ in His heart. May God lead and direct every step of his Presidency, give him wisdom, insight, and understanding of the times. May he be surrounded by the voice of compassion, grace, and TRUTH during his service to our Nation.

In Jesus’ Name.