The Rundown:

Well, last night was one of the most amazing times of Praise and Worship our church has had in a while, maybe ever – for real good! If you are not a regular Wednesday Nighter, you need to put the 4th Wednesday of the Month on your calendar and plan to attend. It was awesome. Everyone was in “High Praise” mode and the worship team was at a HOLE NATHA LEVEL.

Beth Impey shared an awesome testimony last night.

The Front Row is the Best Seat in God\'s House

The Front Row is the Best Seat in God's House

In her testimony she shared what I have been talking about for months and want to highlight once again. On her first visit to Living Waters, she reluctantly sat in the BACK ROW (Because she was a VISITOR and NEW). She cried through the message as God tugged on her heart in an amazing way. That is why I repeated ask all our faithful attendees to sit in the front. Visitors need to be able to sit in the back and “hide out” while they “check it out.”

I thank you for continuing to sit up front and I ask that you keep doing so for the sake of the next Beth or Tom or John or Susan who needs to work it out with God before they come to faith in Him.

This Sunday’s message has been on my heart for some time. We’re going to look at one of the biggest “monsters of fear” in our generation. America is blessed beyond measure. I read recently that if you drive a car and have a home, you are in the top 2% of wealth in the world. When you have so much there can also be the fear of losing it all, not having enough, or running out of what you got. Come and find out more – and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to bring someone you know!