I had the opportunity to preach in and be with all three locations of Waters Church over the last three weeks. It was a blessing to be sure.

And the following thoughts occurred to me:

1. God’s blessing is on this place. And it’s not because of me, it’s all God. I’m amazed at the number of people coming to our churches. Norwood was packed, Easton is growing each week. At the North Attleboro location we are talking about adding a third service because there’s NO ROOM left. Or we need to break down walls soon – which is hopefully happening. (plans are in the works)

2. The friendliness of Waters Church people is astounding. We constantly get new comers surveys from people who say the most attractive quality of our church is how friendly all the people are. I love hearing that. One person visiting Easton said it was the most friendly church she ever attended!

3. The leadership is on fire. Waters Church is blessed with amazing elders and deacons at all three locations. These people step up to the plate and give their all. The men’s conference was awesome and run by leaders in Norwood. 100 ladies are coming to the Girlfriends Unlimited Brunch thanks to great women leaders. Small group leaders at North Attleboro are rocking it! Yesterday I had someone in my office talking about how helpful one of our small groups has been for their life. Love to hear that.

4. People are taking the next step. We have a new people doing ministry here every week! I’m sorry to say I didn’t recognize at least 4 people at the North Attleboro campus who were serving! That means new people are stepping up to minister and serve – which is awesome.

5. Its fun. Church is fun! Yes, read that again. Church is FUN. I love coming here. I look forward to every service. The people are real and know how to laugh. More than that, this place is my spiritual home – not a job. And it’s because the people of Waters Church love Jesus and know how to love each other.

I’m just THANKFUL that God has a place for me here.

Hope you feel the same.