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Found this on the web . . .

I do good things, therefore God accepts me.
Spiritual-Esteem: I’m accepted because of what Jesus did for me, therefore I do good things.

False-Esteem: I try hard, so God loves me.
Spiritual-Esteem: God loves me radically, so I try hard.

False-Esteem: I produce, therefore God is pleased.
Spiritual-Esteem: God is pleased with me in Christ, therefore He produces through me.

False-Esteem: Self is the center.
Spiritual-Esteem: God is the center.

Why do we so often fall prey to the concept of “Self-Esteem” religion that tries to please God instead of understanding the work of Christ which upon reception, makes us pleasing to God by Grace through faith?

Please add to the conversation!

  • firstlady
    Posted at 04:58h, 16 December

    We fall for the “False Esteem Religion” because we think that God will not love us without strings attached or that He will only love us conditionally because that is the way people love. We love with expectations. It is amazing to think that GOd will love us the way we are without us having to prove something to Him!
    Then, when we are so amazed, that yes, “He even loves me…the way I am?” We want to serve Him to show this love to others, not out of obligation, but out of joy!

  • RPA
    Posted at 19:51h, 17 December

    So on target!!!!! Lets make a poster for the coffee cafe