No doubt you’ve heard about the West Cranston High School drama being played out over a prayer banner hanging in the assembly hall now covered over by court order because it offended one girls unbelief in God.

You may also have heard the many Christians angrily ranting about this girl and what she has done on the web.

First, I get the ridiculous nature of this judge’s decision. For one person to have this much sway over something long encased into the fabric of a school’s culture is silly. It is no doubt the erosion of what we are as a people.

But I do not understand the angry rhetoric of believers toward the student individually. She is representative of the people we should be trying to reach for Christ not demean in the name of Christ. And her values are what we should expect from a non-believer – selfishly centered on her own ideals regardless of what others believe or value. She let a piece of fabric upset her so much she had to take the battle to court. What else should we expect from a person who denies the existence of a loving God and a selfless Savior?

And yet she is someone for whom Christ died.

Just like us.

But we must not reflect the antagonism of unbelievers. It does the name of our Savior disservice. Jesus was ridiculed, spit upon, misunderstood, denounced and crucified. He said if they hated him they would hate us too. Let us NOT be surprised.

But the outcry from the community has me baffled more than this girl’s actions.

America is “85%” Christian and yet we act just like the non-believing “15%”. (The quotes are on purpose). We have for 6 decades allowed ourselves (the church) to mold into the culture. We seem to be more passionate about celebrities and sports stars than our Lord Jesus Christ. We watch a television show with an episode mocking Christ and think “No big deal.” We have embraced the idolatry of money and success just like those who do not believe. We have succumbed to the pressure of secularism so much that we decided it would be better to run away from the public school system and gather in our “Christian” bunkers rather than stay in it, engage it, contribute to it, and pray for it!

How can we be the light if we run from every dark place?

If American public schools become a teenage wasteland it will be because the salt has lost its saltiness. The city has been hidden, the light had left the lamp stand.

Interesting that a blog by another Atheist has raised over $21,000.00 to serve as scholarship money for this young student in praise of her stance and beliefs.

What does it say about the church when in a matter of days, an atheist can raise that much money for one of their own and we in the church get upset when a Pastor asks for money to support the vision of winning people to Christ?

I’m thinking WE, not she, is the true problem.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but if only we were as devoted to our cause as they are!

This should serve as a wake up call for us all.
2 Chronicles 7:14 says “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

God promises to do the hearing, forgiving and healing when we do the praying.

Let’s stop the persecuting, let’s take a gut check, and let’s serve Christ and love those who hate us with all our heart! (Matthew 5:44).