Sometimes having three different services is hard.  You say one thing to one service and forget the other two.  Or you say it to two services and forget the one.

Well, this weekend, I forgot to ask our Saturday night people to use the Thank You cards we gave you coming in to our services to write God a Thank You note.

I did challenge the Sunday Services – write a Thank You note to the Lord, and either post it on your refridgerator or send it to us here at the church.

It may be too late for you to mail it to us so I have a suggestion: Scan or take a picture of the card and send the image to and we’ll make use of it in the video we are planning.  I know this requires an extra step, but doing this will help us make a memorable worship experience for this weekend.

All submissions are needed by the end of today!

Thank YOU for telling God Thank You.

Pastor Tim