God says in the OLD TESTAMENT the first of every living thing belongs to me.

Exodus 34:19 (NIV) “The first offspring of every womb belongs to me, including all the firstborn males of your livestock, whether from herd or flock.

The first of our increase goes to God:

Numbers 15:20 (NIV) Present a cake from the first of your ground meal and present it as an offering from the threshing floor.

The first city in Caanan – Jericho – belonged to God.

The First day of the week is our day of worship as Jesus rose on the first day – a “first fruits” of the resurrection of the dead.

God clearly portrays a theme – the first of everything is HIS!

And it applies to us today. And each day. And this year. January is the month where we can give our year to God. Either through fasting something for the month or beginning with a read through the New Testament in 31 days.

Here’s where God is challenging our family. The first of our time. The morning is the first part of the day. We should give the first of our attention not to the news or the days tasks – but to the Lord. To read His word, to receive His Spirit, and to refresh ourselves in His presence.

The awesome truth concerning first fruits in the OLD TESTAMENT: Whenever the Israelites gave God the first of whatever they received, the rest was blessed.

If you want the rest of 2010 blessed, or just the rest of tomorrow blessed. Give the first to God. Start each week FIRST in the house of worship with your church family. start each morning with God attention first.

And the rest will be blessed.

And remember . . .

He saves the best for last.