Today I’m reminded of the Scripture in Zechariah 4:6 that has so often humbled me and helped me at the same time.

Do you ever feel like you have to “make it happen” in life? Do you ever feel the burden of responsibility over your head hovering like looming mountain that you cannot overcome? Do you ever feel totally wiped out and intimidated by what should be done that you freeze up into doing nothing?

Remember the most important reality about life in Christ: It’s not by your power, it’s not by your might, it’s by the Spirit of God.

He is in charge, He is the one who will make it happen. He is the power, might, wisdom, and grace necessary to do ALL the things that are POSSIBLE with Him.

So if you think it’s up to you, get down to your knees and tell God you give up, He’s God and you’re not.

Because sometimes the most important thing we can do is confess we can’t do a thing without Him. (John 15:5; Isaiah 43:11)