Papa_Smurf_CartoonHere are some of the interesting results from the poll taken at Waters North Attleboro this past weekend.

This weekend, we will be touching on one particular answer and to know which one – you’ll just have to come!


Will you be voting in this election?
75%-yes   12%-no   11%-not sure

Is America a christian nation:
34%-yes   19%-no   46%-not any more

Christians should not get involved in politics:
33%-yes   61%-no   5%-not sure

The National Debt is a moral issue:
80%-yes   20%-no

Marriage should be between a man and woman only.
86%-yes   6%-no   7%-not sure

Health Care is a constitutional right and the government should mandate it.
31%-yes   55%-no   12%-maybe

The Us should get involved in international affairs:
12%-more   87%-less

No matter who get elected, I believe my taxes will:
96%-go up   3%-go down

Who was your favorite Smurf: Papa!