Everyone’s doing it. So here’s MY blog post on Tim Tebow.

I was asked this week by a fellow Patriots fan, “Who do you think God is cheering for this week?” I said “God doesn’t cheer, God promotes and purposes.” And hopefully God’s purpose for Tim Tebow this week is humility. What can I say, I’m a rock solid fan of the great team we have in New England.

Will Tebow-mania and the reactionary Christophobia last for years or months? No one knows.

So before Tebow-Time is up, here are my quick observations/opinions…

1. I’m shocked to read some Christians blog that Tebow praises Jesus too much. Are you kidding me? We live in a country with 16 reality shows that praise pop-star wannabes every stinkin’ night and ONE football player is just as vehemently vocal for Jesus and we dare say “cool it”? Could it be we have conformed to the pattern of this world? Note to Tebow: Keep it up! It’s awesome. And it’s good to praise the Lord! (Psalm 92:1)

2. I am glad people are getting upset by Tim’s out-loud faith. Isn’t our walk with Jesus SUPPOSED to upset SOME who don’t believe? Didn’t Jesus say this SHOULD and WOULD happen? (John 15:20) Isn’t this what we read in the book of Acts (Acts 5:28, 50). And wasn’t the result of such persecution a church that kept growing (Acts 6:1). Maybe our “civilized” lack of vocal uninhibited praise for Jesus is why the American church is so stagnant and compromised!

3. I am personally challenged by Tim Tebow. I still need to be more vocal in praise to Jesus for the great things in my life. After all, who among us is struggling with praising God TOO MUCH? What if we all would say about our lives, “First and foremost I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” before we talked about something we did, accomplished, gained, or experienced!?!

4. If Tim Tebow makes you uncomfortable as a Christian, you need a gut check. Seriously. Jesus shed His blood for you. Tebow gets that. Blood doesn’t come cheap. Why should our response be anything less than full blown Tim Tebow-esque!

And if people don’t like it, maybe that’s a good sign.

My opinion.

5. That being said, why do I want Tim to lose this week? Because Christ followers are called to praise the Lord at ALL times (Psalm 34:1). And this week our team from New England would be happy to give Tim a chance to do that! 🙂